Team Leader Social Care Intellectual Disabilities

Medforce is currently seeking a Social Care Team Leads in Co. Kilkenny & Co. Kildare, Ireland. The primary purpose of this role is to ensure the oversight of Community compliance with all regulatory and statutory requirements as well those requirements arising under service agreements with relevant bodies.

A key function of the role is to guide, monitor, and lead the community staff team. They are responsible for motivating the staff team as well as inspiring positive communication within the team so that they can work together toward achieving goals and as directed by the designated leader.


Roles and Responsibilities

Community/Organisational Objectives

  1. As directed by the designated leader, oversee the day-to-day activities of the frontline residential staff teams within the designated centre.

  2. To provide leadership, coaching, oversight, supervision to staff within the community, promoting a positive workplace culture that provides learning and growth for all staff.

  3. To actively support the designated leader in developing an evidence-based culture, by ensuring service information and action plans are updated, accurate and appropriately completed.

  4. Contribute to the development of strategies to continuously improve the community and to meet the identified actions.

  5. To participate in working groups/teams as appropriate, to advance the interests of the organization.

Advocacy and Rights

  1. To actively promote and implement the concept of high-quality person-centred supports, ensuring that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect in how they are supported and engaged with and in line with what’s important to and for them.

  2. Uphold and respect the human, legal and constitutional rights of individuals supported, recognizing their uniqueness and equality, and enabling and supporting them to grow and develop, thereby achieving the highest possible level of personal autonomy.

  3. Ensure that individuals supported by the Services are encouraged to develop their self-advocacy skills and opportunities for involvement in advocacy.

  4. Foster among residential support staff respect for the rights of individuals and ensure that they are consulted and in agreement with all matters in relation to their living arrangements and environment.

Person-Centred Support for Living

  1. Ensuring individuals’ assessment of requirements is updated based on their specific needs, and goals to enhance their quality of life.

  2. Supporting the development and overseeing the implementation of individuals’ Support Plans based on their specific needs, choices, and preferences for enhancing their quality of life.

  3. To ensure that the Support Plan of each individual is communicated clearly, implemented, evaluated and those modifications are made as requirements and interests change.

  4. Support the implementation of actions to support the Community members with Support Needs Care Plans, and report on the emerging needs of the Community members with solution-focused measures to the designated leader.

  5. Maintain complete and accurate records for each person to include the personal needs assessments, risk assessments, incidents and notifiable events, file notes, communication plans, behavioral management support, health action plans, medication management, and financial records.

  6. Ensure that the keyworker system is implemented and ensure that each Community member with Support Needs receives a high-quality, personalized service which addresses their needs and wishes.

  7. Ensure that individuals are supported and facilitated in the development, implementation, and review of their personal support plans, and that the actions agreed in these plans are carried out.

  8. Ensure that Community members are facilitated to actively participate and integrate into the community, have their social, educational, and vocational development needs met through the use of community facilities and maximizing internal resources to support the delivery of goals.

  9. Ensure that individuals supported by the services are facilitated and encouraged to develop their choice and decision-making skills.

  10. Ensure all medical appointments are managed and supported. To liaise with external clinical/primary care personnel as directed by the designated leader.

  11. Ensure a healthy and nutritious diet is offered and takes individual need and choice into account.

  12. To ensure that the documentation relating to each individual’s care is in accordance with organizational standards.

  13. Scheduling and preparing for the quarterly and annual meetings for the individuals, e.g. Circle of Support meetings and Annual Reviews as directed by the designated leader.

  14. To liaise and report on a regular basis to the designated leader on all aspects of individuals’ supports.

  15. Conducting spot checks and monthly reconciliation at house level of individuals’ finances and ensuring the individuals’ asset registers are completed and updated.

Direct Supervision/Oversight Tasks

  1. Provides positive, persuasive, and visible leadership and support to all stakeholders to ensure high levels of understanding, buy-in, and commitment to the organizational goals and plans.

  2. Provide direct oversight, supervision, and monitoring of staff performance and reporting to the designated leader on service outcomes.

  3. Ensure that all reports, timesheets, and financial statements are accurate, completed, and returned on time. Ensure residential support staff maintain good practice in report writing and record keeping.

  4. To ensure that there is safe and effective and appropriate allocation of staff rosters, report any concerns, and where required work frontline to ensure the safe delivery of services.

  5. To ensure that the designated center is presented in a home-like fashion in line with standards of hygiene and cleanliness, repairs and maintenance, both inside and outside the properties, and ensure any issues are identified to the designated leader and actioned.

  6. Ensuring the mechanisms for the monitoring and management of risks are fully implemented, Coordinating Q&S incident reporting and implementing approved corrective and preventative actions.

  7. Monitor and support staff in the administration and management of medication.

  8. To ensure cost-effective and appropriate use of available resources as directed by the designated leader or Area Services Manager.

  9. To ensure that Policies and Procedures are adhered to, and that staff are trained to understand them, and ensuring staff sign off on all relevant P&P’s.

  10. Overseeing that individuals are effectively supported to plan and action their plans and goals.

  11. Ensuring key governance and oversight tasks are scheduled at house level and reviewing standard service documentation to ensure they have been effectively completed.

  12. Managing and scheduling volunteers to support meaningful social activities in line with the Support Plans for Community Members.

  13. Oversee the management and recording of house budgets.

Staff Coaching and Development

  1. Leading the implementation of organizational processes at house level and the monitoring of practice to ensure full embedding of policies procedures and work methods, with immediate and accurate reporting of all matters of concern to the designated leader.

  2. Supporting recruitment and selection from onboarding, induction, training, probation for frontline staff.

  3. Ensure that the various policy guidelines, procedures, and documentation of the organization are made available to staff and that they are supported to understand and adhere to these guidelines.

  4. To identify the training needs of the staff team, to be responsible for the delivery of training to staff to maximize their potential, evaluate training impact and contribute to the development of improvements.

  5. To provide coaching, mentoring, and supervision of staff to facilitate their practice development, ensuring they are trained and empowered with skills to improve their confidence, knowledge, and engagement with standards, policies, and procedures. E.g., medication management.

  6. To facilitate in developing an environment conducive to promoting ‘reflective practice,’ thus ensuring that care delivered to Community Members is of the highest standard.

  7. Promote an open culture of learning, feedback, and complaints in line with organizational policies.


  1. Co-ordinate staff and ensure that duties, activities, and programs allocated to staff are carried out efficiently, ensuring that skill mix takes account of fluctuating service requirements and ensuring maximization of available resources.

  2. Assist the designated leader in managing the local budget, ensuring cost containment and appropriate use of available resources as directed by the designated leader or Area Services Manager.

  3. Assist in maintaining the necessary administrative records, sign-offs, and reporting arrangements/contribute to quality assurance by assisting other departments with required data collection.


  1. Chair/Attend House meetings and prepare for Community Management meetings as directed by the designated leader.

  2. Organize, document, and chair regular house meetings and residents’ meetings.

  3. Develop and promote good relationships with individuals’ families, promoting a person-centered approach to supporting the individuals in line with what’s important for and important to them.

  4. Ensure respectful communications and relationships are developed and maintained with all stakeholders.

Quality & Safety

  1. Ensure that all legislative, organizational policies, and regulatory requirements (including Health & Safety Act and HIQA regulations and standards) are adhered to and complied with by continuous monitoring, inspection, and audit of the designated center.

  2. Ensuring quality improvement actions are communicated, implemented, reviewed, and reported to the designated leader.

  3. Preparation of notifications, complaints investigations, and incident reports for review by the designated leader.

  4. To ensure the health, safety, and welfare of staff, individuals, and visitors in accordance with the ‘Health and Safety at Work Act’ (2005). To ensure the team operates to the Safety Statement for the community, the Emergency Plan, and to support the updating of these records in line with requirements.

  5. Assuming the role of Health and Safety Officer for the Community and leading the local health and safety committee.

  6. Monitoring compliance with fire precautions, checks, training, external contractors, and fire drills and ensuring the risk register is updated and understood by staff.

  7. Monitoring compliance with road safety standards for service vehicles, ensuring checks, maintenance, and servicing are completed in line with requirements.

  8. To ensure that the practice of medication administration conforms to the requirement of the P&P’s. Report discrepancies immediately to the designated leader.

  9. To oversee reporting and recording of all quality and safety incidents involving staff, individuals, and visitors to the designated leader and prepare all associated documentation for review by the designated leader, ensuring risks are identified, assessed, recorded, and monitored effectively and reflected on the risk register.

  10. Ensure that systems are in place for the regular servicing and maintenance of equipment and report repairs, which are required.

  11. To ensure the correct and appropriate use of equipment is maintained and overseeing that the Moving & Handling Policy is adhered to.

  12. Ensuring all risk assessments/PEEPs/RP registers etc. are appropriate, reviewed, and staff understand their role in the supports to be provided to the individuals.

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience

What we offer:

Details of the Role:

Salary Scale: €40,764 – €48,465 

Location: Co Kilkenny, Co.Kildare

Contract: Permanent – Fulltime 


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