The Ukraine/Russia Crisis

Over 200 Ukrainians have arrived in Ireland since the visa requirements were waived and Simon Coveney has said we could accommodate up to 20,000.

Lincoln Healthcare stands strong with Ukraine and hopes that as many countries as possible continue to offer Ukrainians a safe place to call home until these atrocities end.

Additionally we like to offer anybody fleeing Ukraine who works in the healthcare sector €250 to help equip them with the tools they may need for work should they be placed in any of our Healthcare roles.


Whilst lifting the visa restrictions allows those fleeing to arrive here, it doesn’t solve the issue of where they will live. The Irish Refugee Council’s priority is to ensure that, on arrival, they are safe and welcome.

We have donated to their important work and would encourage you to do the same if you can. Make a donation now to make sure they are safe and welcome in Ireland. All donations for this appeal are being used exclusively to support Ukrainian refugees.