We are offering Agency Nurses an exclusive opportunity – free MAPA (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression) training, now known as CPI Safety Intervention Training, when you join our Agency Nursing Team and explore the HSE pay scale advantage.

What Is CPI Safety Intervention Training?

Formerly known as MAPA (Management of Actual and Potential Aggression), CPI Safety Intervention training goes beyond conventional methods by integrating trauma-informed and person-centred approaches. This comprehensive program is specifically tailored for professionals in health, social care, and education, providing them with essential skills to prevent and effectively handle crisis situations.

Completion of CPI training is obligatory for nurses applying for permanent or agency positions within both the HSE and private sector. Make certain to fulfil this essential requirement to advance your career.

Why CPI Safety Training (MAPA) is Essential

Recognise & Respond to Crisis Behaviour: Safety Intervention training focuses on honing your abilities to assess and respond to crisis behaviour. By mastering simple behaviour assessment and decision-making skills, you can prevent situations from escalating, thereby safeguarding everyone involved.

Safe Physical Intervention: Prioritising your safety, the program incorporates physical interventions that have undergone rigorous, independent risk assessment. Grounded in extensive research, these techniques are designed to maximise safety and minimise harm. We emphasise the least-restrictive physical interventions, upholding the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of those entrusted to your care.

Minimising Risk: The CPI approach ensures that physical intervention is a last resort, employed only when the level of risk deems it necessary. This approach minimises potential harm and upholds a secure environment for all parties involved.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Safety Intervention training covers a wide spectrum of skills, including verbal intervention techniques, preventative approaches, and physical interventions. By completing this program, you gain the expertise needed to confidently handle diverse and challenging situations, ensuring the safety and security of everyone under your care.

We make it easy for you

We are delighted to offer new Agency Nurses free CPI Safety Training (MAPA) training when you commit to joining the Medforce Agency Nursing team on the HSE Pay scale (usually €240.50). We’ve even made it possible to complete the first half of the course online!

Certification: 1 year validation for CPI Verbal Intervention & CPI Safety Intervention Certificate and CPI Card

Method of Delivery: Delivery online on Zoom (Day 1) & Classroom Practical (Day 2)

Duration: 16 hours

Assessment: Assessed throughout the training and at the practical stage of the course. Questionnaire based on the CPI booklet.

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